High Resolution Logo in Photoshop CS5

By March 18, 2012June 28th, 2020Photoshop Tutorials

How to create a High Resolution Logo in Photoshop CS5?

1.  Let’s start with a 300 dpi document:



2.  Set the background color to #171717:



3.  Press G on the keyboard to activate the Paint Bucket Tool and click the canvas to fill with our new color:



4.  Double click the Background Layer to make it a Layer:


5.  From the Toolbar select Filter > Noise > Add Noise.  Use these Noise Settings:


6.  Create a new Layer, Set the Foreground color to White and choose a nice soft Brush.   Press B on the keyboard to activate the Brush and create a Light Source at the top of the canvas:


7.  Set the Layer to Overlay and rename the layer to “Light Source” to stay organized:


8.   From the Toolbar select the Custom Shape Tool:


9.   Then select any symbol related to your idea, in this Tutorial I will select the Dog Paw:


10.   Hold down Shift on the keyboard and drag the shape on the canvas, make a size that fits the Light Source:



11.   Set a Drop Shadow with these settings:


12.  Right click the layer and set these Color Gradient Settings:



13.   Press D on the keyboard to reset the colors.   Then create a new Layer, from the toolbar select Filter > Render > Clouds.


14.  Set the layer to Overlay and merge the layer with the Shape Layer by ALT clicking between the two layers:


15.  Right click the Shape Layer and choose Rasterize Layer:


16.   With the Shape Layer selected go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and use these settings:



17.  Use your Text Tool and create some text with this color:


18.   Right click the Shape Layer and choose Copy Layer Style:



19.  Right click the Text Layer and Paste Layer Style:


20.  Create a new Layer, and repeat Step 13 in this Tutorial.  Then set this Layer to Color.  Place the Text where it fits best and this is the Final Result:


Create a High Resolution Logo in Photoshop CS5?