This tutorial will bring back the good old 60s and 70s by creating a retro text style in Photoshop.


Open a new document and fill it with any color, gradient or background though a small retro feeling to it wouldn’t hurt. Now grab the type tool and type in your word(s). The right font also contributes a lot to this style. This tutorial uses Brush Script font.



Rotate your text a bit so it wouldn’t be straight. Create a new empty layer (Layer > New > layer), take the lasso tool or pen tool and create a nice line under the word(s).



Now, first thing you should do is make a duplicate from your text layer (so there is 2 times the text you wrote), then merge (select both layers and press Ctrl/Command + E) one text layer with the line layer so they’d become one. Hide the 2nd text layer for now. For some color, select the just merged layer and go to Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay and set the gradient to something soft. No bright colors, soft and pastel goes best. Move on to the Drop shadow tab and add a strong shadow under the text, be sure the color here also is a darker pastel. Press OK.



Now show the duplicate text layer again and set it to a lighter color.



Create a new empty layer, select the new layer and the text layer and press Ctrl/Command + E to merge them into one. This way the text is rasterized layer and can be cut etc. Ctrl/Command click on the thumbnail of the text layer so it’d get selected. Now locate in the menu Select > Modify > Contract. Set there a number 3 or 2, press OK. The selection got smaller now and let it be like that. Go to Select > Inverse and hit delete. Now the text is a bit thinner.



Create another line under the light text and your retro text is ready to take the memory lane!