How to Use Reduce Noise Filter to Rescue Your Images from Unwanted JPEG Artifacts in Photoshop

By April 5, 2012February 14th, 2013Photoshop Tutorials

Is your image full of noise (small little dots that make the picture look bad and blurry)? This tutorial will show you how to get rid of that noise by using the Reduce Noise effect in Photoshop.

01.Open a picture that you wish to fix. See how this apple has a lot of noise? It is especially seen at the shadow.

02. Duplicate your layer by right clicking on the original layer and choosing Duplicate layer.

03. Now go to Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise. A new window opens. There set it to Advanced, check the Remove JPEG Artifact box and set your values. Try not to make the picture very blurry, just blurry enough to lose that unwanted noise. Don’t press OK yet.

04. Now select the Per Channel tab, choose your channel and try to get the best results on each channel. That little black-and white preview comes very much in handy since it shows all the noise that you may not even notice yourself. Just keep switching the channels and you’ll see. If satisfied with the results, press OK. Do not worry that it is a bit blurry at this stage.

05. Double click on your duplicate layer and select the very first tab – Blending Options: Custom. There set the Blend If: to Gray and move the 1st bar’s black arrow a bit towards center and the 2nd bar’s white arrow a bit left. All this time keep an eye on your picture. Be sure that the noise wont come back but more sharpness is added. You can also try to change the Blend If value. Press OK.

06. Just look at how much better the picture looks now. The shadow is cleared of noise and the overall look is cleaner.


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