This tutorial will show you how to create amazing tropical island background image in Photoshop.

01. In this tutorial you will need three pictures – underwater picture, tropical island picture where the island has some water around and that you have a direct view on the island not from above, and a picture of water wave on a lighter background.

02. Now place the underwater picture at its location, and set the wave on top of the underwater. Place it on top of the water.

03. Now take the Eraser tool and delete all around the wave itself. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

04. Set the wave layer either to Color Burn or Multiply for it to blend in.

05. Now set the island picture between the two layers. Make sure the island water reaches the wave nicely.

06. Take the eraser tool again and delete the island water right below the wave.

07. And your amazing tropical island is done!