How to Make Yourself Look Older in Photoshop

By January 4, 2013June 28th, 2020Photoshop Tutorials

This tutorial will show you How to Make Yourself Look Older in Photoshop.This can be used for your as well as anyone else photos for fun.

01. The most importat step is to get your picture material right. If you are smiling at your photo, try to find a picture of an old person who is also smiling. Why is this important? For the wrinkles to be right.


02. First lets make some work with gravity. For that go to Filter > Liquify and select the first tool. For the correct brus size, just adjust it from the right side. Now gently pull some things downwards. Lower the cheeks, skin under the eyes and some skin under the jaw. Press Ok when done.


03. Now make a selection on your old person’s photo and drag it onto your young photo. Scale it and place it at the right place. For the skins to have the same color range, go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance and change the skin part’s colors a bit. Press Ok.


04. Take the eraser tool and delete all of the unnecessary skin but leave the wrinkles.


05. Select another piece of the old picture and place it on top of the young one. Again, place it, scale it and color adjust it.

06. Delete the unnecessary skin. Repeat the step with places like eyes or mouth corners.

07. Add as many wrinkle parts as old you wish the person to look in the end. Also lower the opacity if some wrinkles if they seem too strong and keep adding new skin parts.

08. Select your main image where the hair is on, go to Image > Adjustments > Replace Color and just Shift + Click on the hair colors so you can see from the preview all the hair white. Now turn the saturation to -100 and lightness -2 or a bit more. Press Ok.

09. Make the skin a bit more yellow using the same Replace Color option but this time select the skin.

10. And now you’ll have an idea how you or someone else would look as an old person.