How to Add or View Picture Information in Photoshop

By August 1, 2012February 14th, 2013Photoshop Tutorials

This tutorial will show you how to add or view picture information about camera the picture was taken with, history, description, website, author, copyright info, video- and audio data and many more.

01. When you get a picture from theĀ Internet and for one or another reason you’d like to know with what camera the picture was made, if flash was used or not or who is the author of the picture, how could you make contact of the author or just description of the picture and many more! The same info can be added for your own taken picture, so if the picture makes it way to the Internet, people who might use it may always see your copyrights, name or contact info.

02. To access this data, go inside Photoshop in the menu File – File Info.

03. A new window will open with many tabs. Not all of them are necessary to fill in and some of them are filled in for you already.

04. For example, camera data is one of which is already filled in for you and you cannot change the info. It shows what camera was used, info about the lens, info about flash use, etc.

05. If the picture is made by you, then go ahead and fill in the info – title, author, description, copyrights, website, etc, so your picture will always include information that lead back to you. Press Ok to accept the changes.

06. Now save the image to permanently add the information.

07. Now, every time you or someone else opens your picture, the information will be there.


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