Create a Realistic White Tablet in Photoshop

By March 16, 2012June 28th, 2020Photoshop Tutorials

This tutorial will show you step by step guide of how to Create a Realistic White Tablet in Photoshop from scratch.

01. Create a document with a simple white background. Then take the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a longer shape. Then double click on your new shape layer to enter the Layer Styles window. There go to Gradient Overlay and set the gradient from very light grey to even lighter.


02. Then go to Stroke and set the size to about 4, Fill Type to gradient and set the color from one gray to lighter gray.


03. Then go to Inner Glow and set the Choke and Size til you can see the white edge.


04. Now we create the screen. For that first create a new layer (Layer – New – Layer), pick the Marquee Tool and drag a shape in the middle of your screen edges. When the selection is active, pick the Gradient Tool, set the color from one black to slightly another and drag the gradient from one corner to another. And the screen is ready.


05. Now lets add a small camera. Pick the Ellipse Tool and draw a circle.

06. Then lets make the small camera more realistic by double clicking on your circle layer (Window – Layers). From the popup first go to Color Overlay and set it to dark gray. Then go to Stroke, set the size 5 or more, position to Inside and color to white. And last go to Outer glow and set a small black shadow. Press OK and your small camera is ready.

07. Now lets add a small button. Again, pick the Ellipse Tool and draw a larger circle than the camera was.

08. Double click your new button circle and go to Gradient Overlay. Set the color from very light gray to white. Then go to Inner Shadow and set it to white, blend mode to normal, distance to 1 and size also to 1.

09. Now take the rounded Rectangle Tool and in the middle of your button shape draw a smaller rectangle.

10. Again, double click on it. Set the Color Overlay to White and then stroke to size 2 gray.

11. Now lets add a highlight. First create a new layer (Layer – New – Layer), pick the Polygonal Lasso tool and create a triangle in the one edge of your tablet.


12. Take the Brush Tool and fill the selected area with white color.


13. Lower the opacity of the highlight in the Layers menu and then take the Eraser Tool to delete the shadow a bit from the lower part.

And your tablet is ready!

How to Create a Realistic White Tablet in Photoshop