Create a Realistic Glass Board in Photoshop

By March 15, 2012February 14th, 2013Photoshop Tutorials

This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic glass board in Photoshop.

01. First lets create the background. For that create a new layer and fill it with gradient (drag with mouse either upwards or downwards depending on which direction you’d wish your gradient to be.

02. Go to Filter – Noise – Add Noise and add a small amount on your background. Press OK.

03. Then go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur, set the angle to 0 and distance as much as you feel it looks nice.

04. Go to Edit – Transform – Scale (Ctrl + T) and drag the left and right sides outwards so only the good background remains.

05. Give some shade with Burn Tool and some highlights in the middle with the Dodge Tool.

06. Take the Rounded Rectangle Tool, set the radius low (2-3) and drag your shape that will be your glass base.

07. Double click on your new shape. Go to Blending Options (the very 1st), and set the Fill Opacity to 0 so that you wont see your shape’s color. Then go to Stroke and set a gradient with variety of colors to achieve slightly glassy effect. (If your stroke wont show, go back to Blending options and be sure it is Fill Opacity that is on 0).

08. Then go to Inner Shadow and add a small inner shadow to your shape.

09. Create a new layer (Layer – New – Layer), take the Brush tool and color the upper part of the glass base. Select and delete all that is outside of the base.

10. Set the Opacity to about 10% or slightly more.

11. Repeat the last step by creating a new layer and this time coloring the middle of the base with a smaller brush and setting the opacity to low 10%.

12. Create a new layer and take the Lasso tool and draw a highlight shape. Fill it with white using the Brush Tool and with the Marquee Tool delete all that stays outside of the base. After that lower the opacity.

13. Create a new layer, choose a color black and with the Brush Tool draw a line. Then go to Edit – Transform – Scale and tilt it a bit. Delete everything that is ON the base and on the side so that only the lower shadow remains. Repeat the same with other side or just duplicate the one you just made and flip it vertically (Edit – Transform – Flip Vertically).

14. With the Marquee and Eraser Tool adjust the shadow to get the best result.

15. Now create a new layer again, make a circle with the Marquee tool, color it inside, double click on the circle layer and set the Gradient Overlay.

16. The set the Drop Shadow. Hit OK. Then create a new layer and make a small black shadow under the metal holder.

17. Duplicate the metal holder by right clicking on its layer and choosing Duplicate. Place them on each corner and your glassy board is ready!