How to Create Cloudy Sky Text Effect in Photoshop

By December 10, 2012June 28th, 2020Photoshop Tutorials

This tutorial will show you How to Create Cloudy Sky Text Effect in Photoshop.

01. Open a picture that has some clear white clouds on it and that has some empty place for your text. Now take the Type tool and write your text. The font can be bold or thin as long as it hase some spacing between it. If you like a particular font but it has very few space between the letters, just hit the space-bar between each letter.


02. Lower the opacity of your text to about 60%.


03. Now select a portion of your cloud on your picture and press Ctrl + J to duplicate that part onto a separate layer. Set the layer’s blend mode to Lighten. You can also use clouds from some other picture, but be sure that the blue colors are at least almost a match. Now turn and scale that portion of cloud on your letter and plan what letter part you start changing.


04. Take the eraser tool and delete the exessive parts of the cloud.


05. Repeat taking parts of the cloud to fill the outer part of the letter.

06. After the outer parts are nice and cloudy, its time also to fill the inner part of the letter.

07. Then move to the next letter and repeat the steps giving the letter inner and outer clear cloud line.

08. If you have shapes that also fit other letters, then duplicate them by pressing Ctrl + J and placing it to its new place. Like u, o, c curves.

09. Almost done, just keep filling those edges.

10. Now delete your text so just the clouds would form the letters. Add a cloud or two on the the empty background spaces if needed and you are done!

How to Create Cloudy Sky Text Effect in Photoshop


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