This tutorial will not only show you how to create a funny greetings card but also how to add a hat on an animal inside Photoshop.

01. First what you need is a nice Christmas hat and some sort of an animal. It can be sweet puppy, cute cat or funny rat – anything will do, but the funnier or original the animal, the better the effect.

02. First step is to set the hat’s blend mode to Multiply. If you are working with more complex background, try also other blend modes, whatever makes the white around the hat disappear is your mode! Don’t be bothered by the fact that also the white on the hat is gonna disappear in a way. That we will fix.

03. Now go to Edit > Transform > Scale. Turn, resize your hat to its perfect location. Make sure to pay attention to the model’s head so the hat would be in that position believable.

04. Now create a new empty layer in Layer > New > Layer. Drag the new layer between the hat and the model.

05. Now take the brush tool, select the color white and start painting on the new empty layer under the hat parts where the hat meets the model. Like this the hat is going to show again while the edges still remain transparent because we only paint under the parts we want to show.

06. If you are painting under the hat for it to show, let the lower edges untouched. Like that the lower edges blend in to the model and creates a shadowy look to it which is very natural.

07. And your funny card is ready to use 🙂